Smart Locks


Why Smart Lock?

There are many reasons why a Smart Lock is better than a classic lock you currently have on your door. First of all, user can manage everything via mobile app for Android and iOS, view history of unlocking, set new passwords, add users etc. Second, there really is no need to carry keys with you when you have a smartphone in your pocket eveywhere you go, and if don’t, there’s allways other ways you can unlock. Third, people ask us a lot is a Smart Lock less secure than a classic lock? The answer is no, it is just as secure, and maybe even more.

Ways of unlocking

You choose your way of unlocking. With five different ways of unlocking the door, you can set password for your firends, fingerprint for your family and unlock via mobile app for your guests.

Client Logo

Would never go back to "traditional" lock, it's way easier to just unlock with my fingertip. No need to carry around a bunch of keys. Thanks guys for amazing customer support.

Boris Horvat Satisfied customer

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