Modern home for people who think modern.


Smart solutions for new or already existing homes.


Business spaces for contemporary employers.


For complete building or just one unit.

Have sunlight coming through your bedroom window every morning. The smart system, which controls the blinds or curtains, enables this scenery.

Available lighting control in one place. User interface which is accessable to every user any time. Programmable lighting according to your needs.

The control of air conditioning is possible from every wall panel or app, also automation is recommended, meaning the air conditioner turns on minutes before you come to your home.

You forgot to turn off the heating after going on a holiday? You want to heat up the living room before coming home from work? With the mobile app you can easily turn the heating on or off, even when you are far away from home.

Music fulfills our everyday lives and with a new audio system you can enliven every room with ceiling or wall speakers. For the best experience we recomment merging a virtual assistant to the system.

Imagine getting ready to start your day and on your smart mirror you see the news, weather forecast, your schedule for that day, if there is any traffic and you can even turn on the lights in the hallway or play music in the bathroom.

Safety as part of a smart system uses many sensors for exposing the intruder. There is also compatibility with surveillance cameras.

Another option the smart system offers you is voice command management if you use virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Video intercom as a smarter bell offers the possibility of alerting you on your smartphone. In combination with a smart lock the experience is flawless.

Everything is under control. You have access to every aspect of your smart home through the iRidium Mobile app for android, iOS and Windows. You only need one app for everything.


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Automation of buildings and spaces in general has become more and more popular in the form of smart houses, apartments, business spaces and in hospitality. In this area we offer contemporary solutions that go hand in hand with todays standards. That includes all you can think of when it comes to smart space, whether residential or business related: control from lighting and climate to security system which alerts you when there’s an intruder in your home.




Central Wall Panels

Central panels are units with touch sensitive screens which are used to control the whole area/space, all from one place. With it’s user friendly interface they provide you control of lighting, heating, cooling, curtains, audio system, alarm and really any other aspect of a smart space.


Button Wall panels

These panels are used in smart spaces instead of traditional switches. The number of buttons on this kind of panels can be 1, 2, 4 and 6, but mostly we use the ones with 4 pragrammable buttons which means that every buttons can control what ever aspect of a smart space. They’re not limited like traditional switches.


Wall Tablet

Fixed or removable wall tablet which is used for central control of a smart home. On such device running Android or iOS, user can access camera feeds, answer the door, control music, lights, curtains, alarm, heating, cooling etc. iRidium Mobile is most convinient for combining all aspects of a smart home into one app.


Mobile app

With our smart system we offer two solutions in this category. First is more affordable HDL ON mobile app from HDL Automation which can control only HDL made equipmnet. Second is iRidium Mobile envirement that can be used to develop unified mobile app for control almost any smart system.


Smart Mirror

With it’s premium design and slick finish, a Smart Mirror enables you to be productive in the bathroom while getting ready for the day or in any other situation. Equiped with a capacitive touchscreen it can serve as a control panel for your smart home system. Besides that, you can read the news & weather forecast, listen to podcasts, watch videos and everything your heart desires.

You can also talk to your mirror, get quick answers to your questions, because Smart Mirror is connected to Google Assistant.

When you want to go “old school” just turn off the display and you have a regular mirror.



Home Automation Overview

HDL Enviro panel

HDL Granite Display

ReflectX Smart Mirror

Smart locks

Creative design, five ways of unlocking, multiple users
Woman rings the house intercom

Video intercoms

see & hear who's at the door, on your smartphone

Smart Home

equipment that covers every aspect of building automation

WiFi Thermostats

modern way of heating & cooling management
Man in his bathroom selecting a music on his smart mirror

Smart Mirrors

reflection of the future